WORK PACKAGE 3 'State of the art recognition'

Work package 3 Executive summary (English)

Framework on EU and national legislation (English)

Country reports on emerging needs, existing profiles and training courses for Urban Security Management (English)

    - Appendix 1. Commentaries on Delphi Panel responses (English)

    - Appendix 2. Visualisation of Responses to Q3 from the ESC and EUCPN Panels (English)

 Comparison and assessment checklists (English)

WORK PACKAGE 4 'Strategies and guidelines for coordination of local actors'

Work package 4 Executive summary (English)

Best practices review and collection for local actors

Complete Report (English)

Short summary (English)

Criteria for Urban Security Manager (USM) recruitment

Recruitment form (English)

WORK PACKAGE 5 – 'Definition of a learning programme and modules'

URBIS Curriculum (English)

WORK PACKAGE 6 – 'Testing of training modules'

Report on pilot courses (English)

All training materials used during the pilot course are available on the following e-learning platform: http://fad.sinergie-italia.com/course/view.php?id=27
Login and password can be requested to the project coordinating organisation.


Progress Report Public part (English)

Final Report Public part (English)