About the project


This project is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission.

Its purpose is to investigate and respond to the perceived need at the EU level for education and training in ‘urban security management’ in European cities.

The URBIS project questions the possibilities for ‘urban security management’ given the increasing freedom of movement of people, goods and services across national borders, an increasingly austere economic climate and consequent pressures on governing capacity in European cities.

The URBIS project examines

- What ‘urban security management’ can mean in this context?


- Which authorities are empowered and legally obliged to manage urban security?

- What skills and competencies they have to undertake this responsibility?

- What educational and training provision currently exists in support of their work?

Findings from this research will then inform a consideration of the need to professionalise this area of work.

The project will then design and trial a postgraduate-level programme of teaching and learning emphasising a comparative understanding of urban security in Europe and questioning the possibilities for exchanging expertise and experience amongst public authorities.

Aims of the project

▪ recognise the ‘state of the art’ in managing urban security;

▪ identify the need for the further professionalization of this role, specifically through higher educational qualifications;

▪ design a comparative programme of teaching and learning about managing urban security;  

▪ test out this programme via a pilot course amongst current and prospective urban security managers;

▪ develop and disseminate personal and professional specifications for the emerging role of urban security management, including skills and competencies in multi-agency working; and

▪ define criteria for the mutual recognition of education and training in urban security management across the European Union.


Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme of the Education and Culture Directorate General of the European Commission: 518620-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-LEONARDO-LMP.


Project structure

WORK PACKAGE 1 – Project Management

WORK PACKAGE 2 – Quality Assurance

WORK PACKAGE 3 – State of the art recognition

WORK PACKAGE 4 – Strategies and guidelines for coordination of local actors

WORK PACKAGE 5 – Definition of a learning programme and modules

WORK PACKAGE 6 – Testing of training modules

WORK PACKAGE 7 – Transfer and dissemination of project results